Silk Road Expo Prepare For French Launch is a leading global online portal for smart shoppers, retailers and wholesalers and is preparing for their launch into the French Market.

The CCI Paris (PARIS ILE-DE-FRANCE) hosted a SilkRoadEXPO Trade Mission in Paris in March this year for French Retailers and Wholesalers in Fashion, Accessories, Jewellery and Home Décor. At the event SilkRoadEXPO showcased their platform and featured how exhibitors could gain international exposure by using it to taking advantage of the services SilkRoadEXPO provides.

Chang Xu, Founder of SilkRoadEXPO said, “The event attracted some well-known Paris fashion and accessories designer brands such as Dognin Paris, Sainte Isaure, Sophie Canoan, Alina Marti and other upmarket and sophisticated designed Fashion and Handbag brands who expressed interest in the services SilkRoadEXPO provides. One of the companies also expressed it’s wish to work with SilkRoadEXPO to help some SME companies in the region to develop their business in the global market, as it appreciated the value of our core business.”

SilkRoadEXPO will have a ‘French Launch’ in May this year, during which period consumers will see more products from French suppliers. The new French members and their products will also be introduced on SilkRoadEXPO’s blog and welcome global consumers to share their views on the products from the new French suppliers.

SilkRoadEXPO is continuously working on the market expansion for it’s global members, as well as global consumers, and is making a better way for the Retailers and Wholesalers to trade between East and West. SilkRoadEXPO is currently in communication with UK Chambers of Commerce in London with a plan to have the UK Launch in July.

Chang Xu said, “Global consumers visiting the SilkRoadEXPO website are encouraged to sign up for the regular newsletter via the request form at the bottom of the home page. The newsletter details real-time updates of featured product and highlights new initiatives that adds great value to both consumers and retailers, like the French & UK launch occurring in coming months.”

To learn more about SilkRoadExpo and their retail partners visit the website here:

About SilkRoadExpo

SilkRoadEXPO  is a unique global online portal for smart shoppers, retailers and wholesalers in fashion, accessories, jewellery, weddings, footwear and home decor. It opens unique doorway into the global marketplace. They enable retailers and wholesalers to cost effectively showcase your products to new and existing customers worldwide. SilkRoadEXPO does not demand sales commissions from its members.

SilkRoadEXPO is ideally positioned to take advantage of a rapidly growing global online market that shows no signs of slowing.

Media Contact Info:
Name: Chang Xu
Organization: SilkRoadExpo
Address: Level 57, 19-29 Martin Place,, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia