JC Milton, Tallahesse Equestrian Distribution (Australia), in a recent interview with Eleven Media, confirmed a trend with some farriers away from the traditional horseshoe nails to the significantly more advanced Kerckhaert Copper “Cu Shield Technology”™ horseshoe nails.

In 2016, two independent studies on the Kerckhaert “Cu Shield Technology”™ horseshoe nails have confirmed that when these nails are used on a daily basis, horse hoof wall integrity improves significantly along with a noticeable reduction in hoof bacteria and fungus. Horse’s hooves stay in great condition and keep their strength.

The two studies also found that there was less staining around the nail holes and horn material at the white line. The copper shield of the nail is very smooth and the points of the nail are very sharp. This leads to less chipping on the outside of the hoof and less damage within.

Mr. Martin Draper, Managing Director for JC Milton said, “We are known forstocking the World’s leading high performance brands in farrier and horse care equipment. The Liberty Cu horseshoe nails from the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company with the advanced “Cu Shield Technology”™were natural additions to our current product portfolio given that they are at the cutting edge of technology within the horseshoe nail field. It’s exciting to see that they are gaining Worldwide appeal”

The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory created the unique and innovative Liberty Cu horseshoe nails in 2015 after a significant investment into research in this area. This advanced triple layer “Cu Shield Technology”™ is laid over a standard steel core horseshoe nail that farriers throughout the World are already familiar with. The Worldwide market for horseshoe nails has seen a massive swing over to Copper Shield Nails as farriers around the globe learn of its significant benefits over traditional horse shoe nails.

Cu Shield Technology™ is unique to Kerckhaert

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