Sydney based Hornet Marketing, in an interview with Eleven Media, confirmed the continuing strong demand for their marketing services due in part to the firming migration numbers to the cities in which they operate.

Hornet Marketing is a market leader in providing small businesses marketing strategies tailored to suit each client’s unique circumstances. They have seen significant growth in enquiry levels at the Melbourne office and this is in line with the BBC’s recent comments that Sydney, Australia’s best known city, could soon be overtaken by Melbourne in terms of its population size.

Melbourne’s population is growing faster and has reached 4.4m, not far behind Sydney’s 4.8m people. They wrote that with a weekly median rent of A$350 ($265; £200), compared to A$440 for Sydney, it’s not difficult to see why more people are being drawn to Melbourne.

Mr Morel Hudson, Founder and Principal of Hornet Marketing that has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane as well as Sydney said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “We have seen the continuing rise in migration numbers over the past ten years and the explosive growth of internet business over the same period. Corresponding to this has been a strong rise in demand from small and medium sized businesses seeking help from us with the planning and execution of their marketing strategies.”

Hornet marketing have over ten years’ experience in helping new and existing business owners, many new arrivals to Australia, with everything from new website design, paid advertising strategies through to sales conversion analysis and promotional brochures.

Mr Hudson said, “Many migrants arrive with extremely good business skills and services or products that they can offer the Australian public. However, they quickly find that the landscape here is different to what they are used to and seek local help to assist with their marketing strategies. We have an experienced team to assist them, and others starting out in business, to achieve the sales goals they seek.”

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About Hornet Marketing

Hornet Marketing is a small business marketing agency providing positive marketing outcomes for startups to established small to medium sized business. They assist with strategies for clients to grow sales from new and existing customers using their proven small business marketing expertise.

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Name: Morel Hudson
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